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We are Blushing

Sebastian McCall

It’s officially Spring and we are in full Spring mode!  The sun is brighter and around longer.  The temperature is slowly, and I mean snail pace slow, rising.  Spring break vacations are booked.  The stores are fully stocked with new spring trends.  Speaking of which…Greenery may be the pantone color of the year, but it’s not the only trending color for spring.  

The color Blush, described as a rosy, muted pink, is also big this season.  We love this soft, feminine shade that looks great on pretty much everyone.  As you can see, there are many ways you can add this color to your wardrobe.  Blush can soften an edgy look or give a dainty touch to your outfit.  It has neutral undertones, so it will go with just about anything in your closet.  Even better, it easily transitions from spring to summer and fall.  This is one trend that is worth the investment!

The Green Lining

Sebastian McCall

We’ve been smacked back into reality with our recent snowstorm.  We’ve had such luck with relatively mild weather in January and February - we knew mother nature was not going to let us off that easily!  And whereas previous snow came and melted away pretty quickly, this one doesn’t seem like it is leaving quickly.  But there’s a green lining, literally and figuratively.  

Pantone revealed that the 2017 color of the year is Greenery.  It is described as a yellow shade of green - the color you see when foliage just starts to sprout and flourish.  Greenery is a vibrant and playful color.  While some find green hard to pull off, this particular hue is perfect to add as a pop of color to your ensemble.  Accessories such as statement jewelry, scarves or handbags are one way to fashionably incorporate it.  You’ll also easily find this shade in many floral print tops or dresses.  

The colors chosen by Pantone are supposed to reflect our current cultural climate.  This year's color is supposed to evoke a sense of hope and new beginnings… sort of the same reasons we look forward to spring.  We get outside of our homes, reconnect with nature, and start to feel rejuvenated and refreshed.  Greenery gives us a bright outlook.  You can't help but be awakened just by simply looking at it.  


If You had to Choose...

Sebastian McCall

You know those, if you could only take one item to a deserted island forever, what would it be scenarios? They have them for specific categories like beauty, music, books and more.  Well, we’ve recently been doing some early spring cleaning, and making room for our new spring and summer styles.  In our clean out, we thought, if we could only pick one of our Sebastian McCall Jeans to have forever, which one would it be?

This idea got us thinking about why we gravitate towards certain styles or fits of jeans.  Most of us have more than one, maybe two… okay, more than three pair of jeans!  But who’s counting?!  See, the role that jeans have played in our wardrobes has significantly shifted since jeans first came into the clothing scene.  Jeans used to only be a gritty, workman’s uniform.  Now, our jeans serve many purposes.  We have jeans to wear to dinner that could be different than our jeans to go to the market, or what we might wear to work.  There are more styles, fits and colors of jeans than there have ever been before.  They never go out of style, and they last for a long time.  That can’t be said about many other items we purchase! 

But, if you had to, meaning, we were forced to pick that one Sebastian McCall Jean that’s tried and true, has your back and won’t let you down when you need it…could you?  We’ve tried and tested many styles and fits. So we have our picks.  But if you could only choose one to take with you on that fantasy island, which would you choose?  Let us know!

One Year Later!

Sebastian McCall

It will be one year on Saturday since we’ve launched our Pocket Placement Blog!  We can hardly believe a year has passed!  When we launched, our goal was to provide a conversation space as it related to denim, fashion and lifestyle.

In looking through our posts since we began, we identified our most popular topics.  Some of your favorite posts revolved how our jean fits and how to wear them.  But our top post for the year was our “We are Beautiful” post.  We believe this post resonated because we are all trying to find our fit in life.  At Sebastian McCall Jeans, talking about how fit is most important when it comes to fashion, and especially with jeans.  But finding a perfect fit in all aspects of our lives is something we aspire for as well.  

As a brand, we continue to strive to provide you with quality denim that fits perfectly on all body types.  Our focus this past year was to try and educate you on who we are, what we believe in, and what we hope for you.  This year, we plan to expand on other elements of our lives that drive our passions, keep us healthy, and most importantly, make us happy.  We encourage you to share with us your favorite life principles and practices.  We hope that we can all teach, learn from, and inspire each other!

Thank you for a great year, and we look forward to a new, amazing one!

Has Spring Began to Sprung?

Sebastian McCall

It’s early… way too early to think of spring.  However, our weather luck is hard to ignore!  If this sounds familiar, it’s because it happened last month too!  Are we in for an early spring?  According to Punxsutawney Phil, no.  He predicted a longer winter.  But we’re not convinced of that with near 70 degree weather in February.  So, what do we make of this weather?

The warmer weather isn’t here to stay for long... just yet.  But you can start preparing!  You know how you prepare for your vacation by being mindful of what you eat so you can look nice in your clothes?  Or how you start pulling together outfits you want to take and wear?  Start now!  Look for transition pieces as you shop.  How can the item you get now easily transition into spring and maybe even summer?  Look for lighter colors in the clothes that you would normally be wearing this season.  Or look for lighter fabrics that are warm enough for now but light enough for later.  These are all things we can do now so when the warmer weather does come and stay, we look great and we have clothes to look great in!

The Art of Fashion

Sebastian McCall

When we think of fashion week, we usually think of extravagant head pieces, dramatic make-up, and clothing that is so avant-garde it can sometimes seem unwearable.  Not all collections are the same - and in fact, most are beautiful, unique and inspiring.  However, many of us aren't going to necessarily sport a feathered, big bird yellow coat to our jobs.  We could, but we don’t.  So why do designers spend so much time and money to showcase these elaborate fashions on the runway?

It’s art.  That’s why.  Fashion week is meant to showcase a designer's artistic expression of fashion.  It’s meant to get us excited about fashion beyond the limits of what we eventually see in stores.  There may be a theme or color or aesthetic that will ultimately be translated into more wearable fashions.

On the runway, designers are not bound by rules or pre-conceptions.  They are using clothing as a form of art, just as any painter would use color in their painting, or a musician would use any instrument to make music.  It’s a way to keep fashion moving forward, open our minds, and push the limits of creativity.  


Roses are Red...

Sebastian McCall

Do you love or dread Valentine’s Day?  Maybe a little bit of both?  Buy why?   When did Valentine’s Day go from a day to express your love to a stressful holiday measured by how many roses we get or how big our chocolate box is?  We just survived the mania that Christmas brings!  Let’s manage our expectations on what this holiday should mean and how it should go.  

Valentine’s Day should be a light-hearted and sweet holiday.  It’s a day to remind someone that you love them - whether that person is your significant other, your best friend, your parents, your siblings or even your children!  Anything more than that is a sweet extra, but not a measure of your love for them or their love for you.  Some of us like to exchange gifts, or give flowers or chocolate, and that’s okay!  These are things you can also treat yourself to and it shouldn’t seem silly to do this.  Remember, it’s about celebrating all types of love - including love for others, and especially love for yourself.  

Regardless of how you choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day, or who you choose to spend it with, there's no reason to not make it a special day!


Fabulous Friendship

Sebastian McCall

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we also get excited about a new pre-Valentine’s Day tradition that’s been growing in popularity since it was mentioned a couple of years ago on a popular TV show.  Galentine’s Day!  It’s not an official holiday - not yet at least!  It’s actually a celebration of love and friendship between female friends, usually held the day before Valentine's.  You gather your best girlfriends - be it your mom, co-worker, or neighbor, and have a nice celebration with food, drinks and gifts!  

Galentine's Day attire is whatever you want it to be - jeans and heels, jeans and sneakers, etc...  You can go out, stay in, or even better, make a big shopping trip out of it!  The point is to spend time with and celebrate the special women in your life that you lean on for friendship, laughter, advice, and great company.  And who doesn’t love another reason to hang with your favorite girls?


Workplace Denim for Men

Sebastian McCall

Denim jeans are a casual outfit staple.  But jeans nowadays come in so many various fabrics, washes and styles, that they can easily transition into other wardrobe categories that we normally would have filled with something else.  Denim in the workplace is one of these categories.  We recently covered how women can incorporate denim into their workplace wardrobes.  Men can also easily do the same!  

The first thing to determine is whether or not denim is allowed in the workplace.  Once you know this, the rules are pretty similar for both men and women.  Your workplace presentation is important, so catering how you wear denim to work should reflect your office environment.  Causal Fridays at work are meant to be more casual than what you would normally wear in the week, but not nearly close to what you would casually wear on a Saturday.  

Start with darker denim.  It doesn’t only have to be black.  Dark blue jeans or dark grey jeans can work great as an alternative to trousers.  Darker colors look neater and more refined.  Stick with fitted jeans that have clean lines, with little or no distressing.  Your goal is to look polished.  Finally, pair your jeans with similar attire that you would normally wear with pants, like dress shirts, blazers, belts and dress shoes.  These will help keep you looking groomed and professional, while still in the comfort of your denim jeans!


Winter Warm Up

Sebastian McCall

We've been gifted with mild January weather recently.  So come out of your winter hibernation, and get out and soak in some Vitamin D while you can!  We know that during winter we tend to become more tired, less active, and hunker down in our homes until it’s warm enough to come out again.  Luckily for us, the weather isn’t as frigid as it could be... So take advantage!  

Try and do things that you would do during warmer weather.  Go out shopping and use your gift cards, or treat yourself to something new that you can wear now and when spring comes.  Take a brisk walk during your lunch hour.  Check out that new restaurant you’ve been wanting to try.  This milder weather streak won’t last much longer, so enjoy it while you can!

Beat The Winter Blues

Sebastian McCall

We’ve lived through the holidays, enjoyed our new gifts, and have started one or two of our New Year's resolutions.  But sometimes, the excitement that a new year with new beginnings brings starts to fade when the weather reminds us that we are still in mid winter, and we have a long ways to go before spring gets here.  The days aren’t as sunny, it’s freezing out (except for the random oddly warm day like yesterday!) and we barely feel like getting out from under the covers, let alone put effort into an outfit.  Do we sound like we’re complaining?  We are!  It’s called the winter blues.  

We can’t let it get the better of us, though!  We know that when we feel good in what we’re wearing, our mood improves, and we feel more confident to embrace what the day will bring us.  So, here are some fashion tips that you can pair with your Sebastian McCall Jeans to re-energize your outfits and your attitudes!  

Brighten Up

We know that a bold color can brighten up your mood and stimulate your mind.  So add a bright yellow scarf or statement piece of jewelry with a rich green to remind you of sunny days and the beautiful greenery that spring will eventually bring.  

Sneak in a Little Spring

Mix in some of your spring floral blouses or pastel colored tops under your cardigans to soften your dark, winter outfits.  It will make you feel light under the heavy winter gear.  

Dress Up and Get Out

We know this sounds counterintuitive when it’s cold out, but the fresh air will awaken you!  Break out your heeled boots, layer up, and go to happy hour or have a date night.  A good time with great people will warm your soul.  



New Year, Newer You

Sebastian McCall

If you’re like many, you’ve written down, at least in your head, some resolutions that you would like to achieve in 2017.  Usually, it's eating better, working out and traveling more that are at the top of the lists.  We hope that fashion made it somewhere!  And we don’t mean trying more colors, or editing your closets, or preparing your outfits the day before - although these are all great things to strive for this year...  

What we hope for you in 2017, is for fashion to be less about what you’ve read or seen on TV or in magazines, but more about how you want it to be.  We love trends and novelty pieces, not because they are new or current, but because they can inspire a new perspective for a color or style that we may have thought was one dimensional.  

At Sebastian McCall Jeans, fit is most important.  We know that when your clothes fit you perfectly, you feel more confident, and there’s nothing sexier than someone who is confident and secure in who they are.  Let’s let 2017, and all that it brings, fit into our lives!  And let’s start here with helping you find your perfect fitting jeans!

Looking Forward to 2017

Sebastian McCall

This is the time of year that we take the time to contemplate all that has happened in the past year - whether you celebrate the new year with a party, watch the ball drop from the comfort of your bed, or simply just wake up to the new year.  As you reflect on all that you have accomplished, goals you fell just short of, and the people that you’ve loved and lost, we hope that you feel blessed and are able to learn and grow from it.  

That’s what New Years is really about, right? Becoming wiser and stronger from our experiences,  looking forward to something better for ourselves, and our friends and family and contributing to a better world around us.  New Years gives us an opportunity to start fresh - physically, emotionally and spiritually.  It’s good to set goals personally and professionally.  However, it’s also important to remember that the journey is just as important as the destination.  We wish you a very Happy New Year full of happiness, health and prosperity!  Cheers!


Happy Holidays

Sebastian McCall

 We’ve been talking about it and shopping for it and it’s finally here… Happy Holidays!  After all the prepping and planning, we hope you are enjoying time with your family and friends because that is what it's really about.  It's more than just sharing gifts.  It's spending time with the people we love, starting or continuing family traditions, being kind, and appreciating the magic of the season.  'Tis the season for laughter, fun, love, and wrapping paper everywhere! 

From our family to yours, we wish you a very warm and cozy Holiday

Monochromatic with Black

Sebastian McCall

A monochramatic look is having the same color scheme for your entire outfit.  You can definitely mix shades, but they all should be in the same hue.  Black is the perfect and most frequently worn color in a monochromatic look.  Why?  It’s easy, most of us have an abundance of black in our closets, it’s slimming, and it’s simple yet makes a statement at the same time.  Naysayers might say it looks drab and boring, but we believe the opposite.  When someone is fashionably in all black, we sense something more sexy, mysterious, and rebellious.  

 Here are three tips to make it work.

Mix and Match Different Fabrics.  A black leather jacket with black jeans and a black t-shirt is an iconic look that you can easily achieve.  There’s nothing more confident and edgy than a look like this.  

Keep the Fit Close to the Body.  You’ll want to make your look sleek and not sloppy.  So if you wear a blazer, make sure it’s a tailored blazer.  If you shirt is looser, your jeans should look more slim.  

Add in a Bold or Colorful Accessory.  We get it - the point is to be monochromatic in color.  But a nice statement watch, or a colorful piece of jewelry or shoe could take the look up to another level.  It’s also something that can add life to the look if it feels too dark for you.

Black is a timeless color.  You can never go wrong trying to pull off a monochromatic look with all black.  Set the tone of your outfit with a classic Sebastian McCall black jean, and the possibilities are endless.


Street Style

Sebastian McCall

From the streets of Philly, New York, Toronto, LA, and more, Street Style is taking over the fashion industry and how we look at fashion. 

What exactly is Street Style?  It’s when you take a current fashion trend and customize it to fit your personal style.  It’s your form of expression on how you like to wear the latest color, fabric, or fit.  No longer are we trying to replicate what is shown on the runways or in magazines.  Instead, we draw inspiration from what we see, and then interpret it in our own unique ways.

There is no right way.  There is no wrong way.  There is only your way.  

Gifts for Him

Sebastian McCall

What should you give the significant man in your life that wouldn’t be a replica of what he may already have?  Sometimes, the selections for men you see out there aren't usually as broad as they are for women.  Chances are, he has the items he needs in the colors that he needs them.  But sometimes that can be boring!  Let us help you break up the monotony of his wardrobe with items that he won’t have but will absolutely LOVE.  

Slate Gray Jeans in the Straight Leg

This jean option has many things men will love.  First, it’s a jean, but also has a look of a pant.  They'll love that they can pull off a more tailored pant look while wearing a comfortable jean.  Also, the Slate Gray color is a perfect transition color for men who don’t like to wear anything but blue jeans.  It’s a color that goes with most things and looks great with a t-shirt or with a button up.  Men love this as an alternative to khaki pants.  

Super Dark Rinse in the Skinny

Your significant other probably has dark jeans already, but we are sure he doesn’t have anything like these!  Our Skinny in the Storm wash is the darkest blue jean for men that we have created thus far.  A favorite feature of the jeans that men are loving is the fabric.  It is light weight, breathable and comfortable.  Don’t let the tapered cut scare you or him away.  This jean has clean lines and is tailored from the waist to the ankle.  He’ll look modern and stylish yet feel super comfortable!

Let Sebastian McCall Jeans make this holiday shopping season easy for you with our vast selection of colors and styles.  We believe these two recommendations will be unique to his wardrobe and become his new favorites.  

Happy Holiday Shopping!

Gifts for Her

Sebastian McCall

Check Her Off Your List!

One of the most difficult people to buy presents for is usually your significant other, right?  You want to get them something they’ll like, need, and use.  Easier said than done!  Shopping for a woman can seem overwhelming because while there are so many options out there, it can be hard to narrow them down.  To help you complete your holiday shopping list, we've selected two of our Sebastian McCall Jeans that we know would make a perfect gift that she’ll love!  These jeans are versatile, fit amazingly, and would work with so many other items in her existing wardrobe.  

Meredith Fit in Onyx Coated

We love this coated jean for many reasons.  It’s sexy, it’s novel, it fits like a glove, and it’s different than what most women might already have in their wardrobes.  This is the perfect time to snatch up these jeans because they are perfect for holiday parties or nights out with your family and friends!

Rosaura Fit in Solar

This jean might seem like an average jean but it is so far from it!  It’s that one jean that you can count on for multiple purposes.  First, it’s a comfy, body hugging jean in a color that goes with everything.  The medium dark color allows you to dress it up but is also suitable to pull off a casual look.  The width of the taper at the ankle works so that it can be tucked into boots yet open enough to fit over the top of your heels.

We know your shopping list is long.  Let us help you check some of them off! 

Stay tuned next week for great gift ideas for him!


Forever Thankful

Sebastian McCall

What are you thankful for?  We know that for many of us, Thanksgiving is the start of the holiday season.  There will be places we need to go, things we need to do and people we need to see before it’s all over.  And yes, we have perfect Sebastian McCall Jeans that will stylishly get you through all of the holiday festivities!  

As we begin to celebrate, we want to take this moment to give thanks, because our blessings have been many this year.  As a company and a family, we are very grateful and appreciative for what this past year has given us.  We are especially thankful that you have been with us and a part of it.  We hope that you indulge in the delicious food that you’ll share with your family and friends.  Have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!  Gobble, Gobble!

Keep it Light

Sebastian McCall

Don’t put your light denim away just yet!  You can still wear them through fall and winter!  Remember those fashion “rules” that we are supposed to follow? Well, this is another one we like to break.  While most of us go darker and deeper with our fall fashion color schemes, sometimes a lighter color will not only brighten up your look, but also soften heavy fall fabrics and maybe even lighten your mood!  Most of your lighter colored denim can easily transition into your fall and winter wardrobe with the right color top or perfect fall shoe.

Is all light denim the same?  Not necessarily.  Some lighter colored denim jeans are also lighter in fabric.  For some of us, that matters.  For others, it doesn’t.  Let’s not forget that darker colored denim also come in lighter weight fabrics as well.  It’s all about your preference and choice.  So, pull out those light jeans from the back of the closet and embrace a newer, lighter outlook on your current fall wardrobe!