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Staying Cool in the Heat

Sebastian McCall

So, the weather cooled off for a couple of days about a week ago, and many of us jumped the gun and completely swapped our summer clothes for our winter ones.  Judging by the recent weather pattern, we may have been slightly premature in our switch.  We are not complaining, though!  The fall weather season is always a funny time of year where you are not always sure if cool is going to feel cold and if warm is going to feel hot...  How do we prepare??

2015-12-17 11.00.37 copy.png

It's about balance.  As you dig back into your summer clothes' bins, pull out some short sleeve and sleeveless tops.  They are still perfectly acceptable to wear during this time of year because you can always throw on a cardigan or light jacket to warm up should it feel cool.  For some, shorts may seem kind of out of place to wear in the fall.  However, cropped jeans are still appropriate to wear, and you can rotate them with your regular length jeans, especially your lighter fabric and lighter colored jeans.  Scarves and wraps are the perfect fall accessories to carry around and have on hand.  They are fashionable and practical, especially in unpredictable weather.  And while it's warm enough to wear sandals, this is also perfect time for ballet flats.  

Smart wardrobe choices will be key until the weather fully transitions into normal, cooler, fall temperatures. Until then, we're prepared to have fun experimenting with our transitional wardrobe!

Five Reasons to Love Fall

Sebastian McCall

    There is always something exciting about moving forward and starting anew.   While some of us may be sad we are leaving one season, the new one brings a slew of things to look forward to!  Fall is our favorite season.  It is one season that really taps into all of our senses.  We can literally see, hear, feel, taste and smell fall.  Sound a little crazy?  Just think about it.  

Photo Sep 06, 10 29 35 AM copy.jpeg

    Colors are one of the big changes we see from summer to fall. We see the colors change right before our eyes.  The color of our clothes get darker and deeper.  Green trees change into vibrant hues of yellow, orange and brown.  As the foliage dries out and falls, we can hear it crunch beneath our boots and sometimes our bodies, if we’re the ones who like to fall into a pile of leaves!  And who doesn’t love the crackling sound of fireplaces that warm us up after a chilly day outside?  

    We can most certainly feel the fall season.  The weather becomes cooler and the air is crisper.   We love to snuggle up in our cozy sweaters, scarves and blankets.  We can’t escape the smell of fall either.  The aroma of pine cones and pumpkin spiced everything is everywhere - from candles to foods.  And talking about foods, we can literally taste fall, with spices such as nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves in our teas, coffees and soups.   

    So, there is much to look forward to in the fall and there are a variety of ways you can enjoy it and take part in it!  The hardest part of fall should be how to not overindulge!

Capsule Wardrobes

Sebastian McCall

If you haven’t heard this term before, the concept may still sound familiar to you.  It’s the idea that you buy several (15-20) varied items of clothing for a season at a time that all work well together, where you can interchange all of the various pieces to ultimately create many different outfits.  Most of us shop for two to three pieces of clothing at a time, and we figure in our heads that we have something in our current wardrobe to pair with those new items.  We do this several times a season and that’s how we build our closets.  With capsule wardrobes, you buy most items at one time and pretty much build your outfits for the entire season from those items.  It takes a little creativity, planning, and budgeting upfront.  But the payoff is less time shopping throughout the season building your wardrobe, less headaches wondering what to wear and how to wear it, and maximizing the wear of each item in your capsule wardrobe.  

2014-05-30 10.51.22 copy.jpeg

How do you get started?  There are some things you need to do before you go out and a buy a capsule wardrobe.  The first step is to take inventory of what you currently have.  Decide on which pieces you want to incorporate in the fall styles you want to achieve.  From there, you can make of list of what you need to add, always keeping in mind how each of those pieces can be used interchangeably.  To help with wardrobe styling, you can pin your favorite outfit ideas or clip images from magazines.  Next, start shopping!  As you shop, remember to stick with color schemes that work well with as many items as possible in the capsule wardrobe you're building.  That doesn't mean shop for neutral colors only - just make sure you can pair that pop of color with multiple pieces from your wardrobe.  The quality of the clothes you purchase will make a big difference as well.  Invest in quality pieces that can withstand a lot of wash and wear.  Finally, once you’ve collected all of the items for your capsule wardrobe, lay them out into different outfits and take pictures.  Include accessories and shoes.  These photos can be your reference throughout the season on what to wear or how to pair the pieces together.

You can build capsule wardrobes for work or play.  It’s an easy way to get out of style ruts and become more creative with your outfits!  You can get started today with your denim jean staples at Sebastian McCall Jeans!


Beautiful Endings

Sebastian McCall

It’s hard to believe that the end of summer is here.  This year, however, we are taking it in stride.  You see, we’ve been lucky to have had such an amazing summer experience.  We relaxed, we traveled, we indulged, and most importantly, we did it with great company.  We are not so anguished that summer is coming to an end! 


This last weekend, we’ll partake in all that the weekend brings - shopping, cookouts, picnics, and outdoor movies.  With the milder weather, we’ll be dusting off our fall favorites and looking forward to adding new ones.  It reminds us and gets us a little excited about what the fall season brings!  Remember, when one season ends, another must begin.... So, celebrate the end of a wonderful season and get ready to welcome and embrace an awesome new one!

Date Night

Sebastian McCall

We don’t do them often, but when we do, we try and make the most of it.  That is… date nights.  Why do they seem to elude us throughout the year?  So much so that we nearly have to pencil them into our calendars, otherwise, they may never happen!  And why wait till Valentine’s Day, the one time of year everyone is on a date night?  For many of us, life activities often consume us before we can get out with our significant others for a special, no-reason needed night out in the town.

2016-01-05 13.51.03 copy.jpeg

Whether it’s a casual date or a sexy dinner date, make plans now.  And dress to impress!  This is the time to wear something a little more edgier, modern and chic.  Don’t be afraid to show off some skin with a dramatic neckline, show off your figure with body hugging jeans, and sport the sexiest heels you own.  It’s the perfect time to feel confident and look flirty.  Don’t let another week or day pass without getting your date night in!

Solar Eclipse

Sebastian McCall

A huge scientific event in our lifetime will be happening on Monday, August 21st - a Total Solar Eclipse!  While yes, total eclipses can happen every year, they aren’t always in our path of viewing.  The last total solar eclipse to cross part of the US was almost 40 years ago and even then, it was only visible by those living in the Pacific Northwest.  What’s special about this year's total solar eclipse is that it will cross the United States, from coast to coast, giving almost everyone across the country an opportunity to experience this event.  The last time that happened was nearly 100 years ago!  

As with any major event that happens in our culture, fashion is always one of the easiest ways to celebrate and participate in the event.  In this particular case, one accessory is absolutely necessary — ISO-certified viewing glasses.  These protective glasses will allow you to safely watch the eclipse.  The glasses look similar to 3D glasses but have a special solar filter that is darker and will protect your eyes from the sun's rays.  While they are not the most fashionably looking glasses, they are necessary.  The rest of your outfit can be chosen just for fun.  Wear shirts or jewelry with suns, moons and stars… even birthstones would work!  If you are going to a park to view it, wear something comfortable to sit in, like jeans, and something comfortable on your feet in case you have to stand.  For many of us, this is a once in a lifetime event.  So try to safely experience it! 

Monochromatic: White

Sebastian McCall

More than once so far, we’ve heard that summer is over.  Really?  By whose assessment?  As far as we know, it’s only the second week in August , and we are in our full summer stride!  Sure, back to school and fall are closer than they are further away,  but we haven't thrown our hands up and resided to that reality yet.  There is plenty of summer time, summer weather and summer fashion to still be had and worn.  In fact, we are featuring another monochromatic look - this time in white...  A color that speaks to summer unlike any other.  

There's no need for a lecture on how to wear white, how to use it as any other neutral staple in your wardrobe, or how it looks great on everyone in any form.  We simply want to encourage you to wear it now and wear a lot of it because it’s super cute, and maybe wear it as a gesture that summer is not over, not by any means!  Even as we prepare for the new season to come, we won’t let go of summer just yet.  As long as the weather is warm, the days are long and the sun is bright, we will savor and enjoy it!

Bling it On

Sebastian McCall

What is your favorite accessory?  One of ours is jewelry… and we love it all - big or small, classic or exotic, and in just about every textile, hardware and color available!  Some of us love to really bring the bling when we accessorize.  The more layers and the more shine, the better.  For others, we prefer a more simplistic approach with one statement piece or a delicate accent on our neck or hands.  Accessories can be very personal, especially when it comes to jewelry.  It can reflect our style, personality and our spirit.  There are some pieces we own that we purchased for fun, some that were handed down or gifted to us, and others that mark a significant event or milestone in our lives.

While there are no rules on what jewelry you wear or how you wear it, it’s always a good idea to balance your jewelry with your outfit.  Each piece of jewelry you wear will draw attention to that area of your body.  Keep that in mind if you wear a statement ring, for example.  You might want to have manicured nails when someone compliments your ring and wants to see it up close.  Another tip is when you turn one up, turn down the other.  Meaning, if you are going to go bold with your accessories, you may want to keep some components of your outfit simple or toned down so it won’t clash or detract from the beauty of your pieces. Jewelry doesn't have to be expensive, and you can easily build your collection over time. 

Remember, bits of baubles are always fun, so don’t leave them out!  


Get Distressed

Sebastian McCall

We can already hear our parents or grandparents saying, “you bought those jeans like that?” Yes, we did!  It’s a style of jean, we explain.  Can you guess what kind of jean we are referencing?  Right, distressed jeans.  Why on earth would someone buy jeans with rips or holes in them?  And pay a lot of hard earned money for them?  

Distressed jeans have been around a long while.  Their exact origin is debatable but their rise to popularity really picked up when music bands in the 70's wore them as a sign of rebellion and a stamp of non-conformity.  Self expression through fashion has always been a way for a generation to demonstrate for, or against, cultural norms.

Today, distressed jeans are less about social statements, and are more of an artistic fashion statement.  We wear distressed jeans because they are an edgy and trendy style of denim jean.  There are so many variations of distressed jeans - from ones with large, gaping holes at the knees that expose a lot of skin, to others with minimal frays and shreds along the legs.  They are popular with both men and women, and can be worn by people of all ages.  It’s all a matter of balancing the distressed style jean with a look you are trying to achieve.   

The distressed look has been around a while and likely won’t be going anywhere soon.  It’s even expanded into other areas of clothing such as distressed t-shirts and sweaters.  If you don’t already own a pair, what are you waiting for?!

Color Poppin'

Sebastian McCall

You’ve often heard us talk about different ways to add flare and pizazz to your jean outfits.  It usually starts with a base of blue or black jeans.  Then, we spice it up with bright and bold colored accessories, tops or shoes.  What if we turned that around?  Let’s say… start with a bright and bold colored jean, and go from there!  Yes, blue, black, and white jeans typically make us feel safer with our outfit choices - they are more traditional, and straying from that is not always easy.  But wearing bright colored jeans is not scary!  One of the reasons we might stay away from bright colored jeans is because we may simply be intimated by the colors.  Green jeans?  Yikes!  Another reason we stay away from colored jeans may be because we are just not that confident in styling the jeans without looking like a rainbow, unless that’s the look you’re going for. 

So, we’ll take baby steps.

First, pick a bold color you would wear, and then find the right hue in that colored jean.  There is Christmas green, nature green, pastel green, blue-green… the list goes on.  Pick the hue that you feel like you can work with the best. 

Next, pair that colored jean with neutral colored tops and accessories.  It’s the same idea when you are trying to add a pop of color to your basic colored jeans, just in reverse.  

Once you are comfortable with wearing that bold colored jean, try different colors!  You can also take your style to the next level by adding printed tops, going for vivid monochromatic looks, or even color blocking your outfit, where you wear a different colored top, jean and shoe.  Summer is the best time to try out these looks.  It’s a refreshing take on fashion and traditional denim!

Summer Getaways

Sebastian McCall

Where is your summer vacation taking you?  We are full throttle into summer.  We spend our days working hard, and in our downtime, day dreaming about our next vacation.  We’ve already given you suggestions on what to pack.  Now the question is, where will you go?  What type of vacation do you like to take?  A touristy one - exploring a new culture, trying new foods, traveling a new city to take in as much as you can?  Or do you like lazy vacations, where you plop yourself on a lounge chair by the pool or beach with a good book or plug in your earphones to listen to your carefully composed playlist, and the most work you want to do is raise your hand to call the waiter for your next drink?  We’d take either scenario!

Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, we hope that you are having fun and enjoying your time off.  We know we sure will!  Enjoy this down time with your family and friends because summer goes by way too fast.  Remember to take a photo in your Sebastian McCall Jeans on your vacay and tag us on our social media accounts.  If we can't get away, at least we can live vicariously through you!

How We Roll

Sebastian McCall

Cuffing your jeans.  It’s a simple concept, requires minimal effort, and can change the look of your outfit in a pinch.  It’s also the best of both worlds - it allows you to shorten or lengthen your jeans whenever you want!  Sure, you could tailor them shorter, however, you’ll be limited to that length forever.  Rolling up your jeans isn't just for practical reasons anymore.  It’s actually a way to style your jeans using your cuff.  As simple as it sounds, there are some details you should pay attention to when cuffing your jeans so it looks stylish and not sloppy.  Here are two styles of cuffing that work with many fits of jeans.

Deep Cuff Roll (top row)

The deep cuff roll is a larger, folded cuff - usually between one to two inches.  Since it’s larger, it is typically folded much neater, sometimes even ironed, with defined creases.  It can have more than one fold and is especially flattering on straight and skinny jeans.

Thin Cuff Roll a.k.a. Pin Roll (bottom row)

This type of cuff is much thinner, with the folds usually an inch or less.  The creases are usually less defined and less neat.  This cuff can also have one simple fold or be rolled up several times. 

How and when you choose to roll up your jeans is a matter of personal preference.  Obviously, the longer your jeans are, the more they will scrunch at the bottom.  Tailoring the length can help fix this.  But if you want some versatility with your jeans, cuffing the hem can broaden your options with wear and style.  The biggest takeaway is not to overdue it.  Some jeans are just too long and may need to be tailored a bit shorter.  You also don’t want to roll your cuffs too many times or it will look bulky and messy.  A perfectly rolled hem will look flattering and stylish.  It ideal for warmer weather and will give an edgy, casual look to your outfit.  Give it a try!


Monochromatic: Grey

Sebastian McCall

You know by now that monochromatic looks are in.  We love this style because whether you wear a dark monochromatic look or a light one, your whole outfit is making a statement.  For our monochromatic look this time, we’ve chosen the color grey.  It’s a color that has a large shade range from dark to light, a large hue range from blue grey to taupe grey, and it can easily coordinate with items already in your wardrobe!

Many of us might consider grey more of a fall or winter color.  But it’s actually a perfect summer color too.  Think of lighter shades of grey as you would any light, neutral, summer color.  It’s a nice change that gives a soft, yet chic look.  It will match with most of the colors in your closet, and the perfect pop of color such as yellow or green plays really well with an all grey ensemble.  You can also think beyond clothes for monochromatic looks by incorporating grey accessories and beauty products.  You have your fair share of blue and white jeans for the summer… now try something different!

Happy 4th!

Sebastian McCall

We are half way through the 2017!  Can you believe it?   Summer has officially begun and school has officially ended.  We are ready to start checking off activities from our summer plans list…starting with Independence Day.  July 4th is coming up, and whether you are headed to a firework festival, a family BBQ, or a neighbor's pool party, we have a few outfit ideas to help you look patriotic.  A pop of one or all the American flag colors is just enough show your pride and celebrate.  

Keep it simple with blue jeans.  Everyone owns blue jeans.  Everyone.  Throw on some jeans with a cute top, wear red lipstick and you are set.  

Want more of a pop of color?  Wear white jeans with a brighter hued blue top and either red lips or nails.  It’s simple yet chic.  

What’s even better is wearing Sebastian McCall Jeans in any color or style-  they are all made in the U.S.A!  You will not only be showing your pride, you will be actively be supporting a company that chooses to make their clothing in America.  There is nothing more patriotic than that!

Keeping Cool

Sebastian McCall

Some of us just can't give up our denim jeans in the summer, no matter how hot it is outside.  We just can’t!  It’s the foundation of our outfits all year long!  Jeans easily pair with everything and can be worn to many different festivities.  So how do we pull together an outfit that is not only cool looking but also cool feeling?

Start with the right denim.  Choosing lighter colors and lighter fabrics can help keep you cool.  The lighter the weight in denim, the more breathable it will be and feel.  Lighter colored denim doesn’t always have to mean white.  There are many shades of lighter colored denim jeans you can choose from that also come in many fits such as flare and bootcut and also in styles such as distressed or paneled.  

Pairing your jeans with lighter, flowy tops will also help keep you cooler.  Halters and tanks work well this way.  Also, don’t rule out longer sleeve blouses.  A delicate, sheer long sleeve top is airy enough to keep you cool and feeling pretty.

Finish your outfit with lighter shoes.  They don’t all have to be sandals but they should be lower on the heel height.  We do love our heels, but higher heels make us work harder to keep our balance and maintain our posture… even for the most professional high heel wearers.  We’re not asking you to give them up - just keep your heel lower when you can for the ultimate in feeling comfortable.  

Remember, you are not limited with denim jeans just because it’s summer and warm outside.  You also don’t have to sacrifice style!  There are so many options to choose from that will keep you feeling cool and looking cool!

We've Got Dads Covered

Sebastian McCall

Father’s Day is just over a week away, and shopping for Dad can be simple, yet hard.  Not because we don’t know what to get him - usually, it’s because he asks for something very specific and we set out to find that very thing!  Even if he has no idea what he wants, we have something in mind for him.  This year, step up his jean game!  We're sure he has several pairs already, but this time, get him one that’s different, versatile and modern.  Our choice: Sebastian McCall Straight Leg Jean in Navy.  Why this one?  Men love this jean for two main reasons.

First, it’s comfortable.  We know our dads love comfort over anything.  Our straight leg jean has structure, but is not stiff.  It’s has a clean cut that stays close to his body and does not bag out as he wears it.  Even when he is dressed in his most casual shirt and shoes, he will look neat and stylish.

Second, the color.  Since the jean is comfortable, men like to wear it all the time.  The navy color will allow him to wear it for just about any occasion.  He can wear it casually with sneakers, or he can dress it up with shoes.  It’s the perfect transition jean because it’s a denim jean, but can also pass for a pant.  Our dads love how simple and practical it is, while feeling super comfortable on.

Even if he already has his gift list, surprise him with these Sebastian McCall Straight Leg Jeans in Navy.  We are sure they will be something he will always love to wear!

T-Shirt Kind of Mood

Sebastian McCall

The  school year is finally winding down...  End of year school trips, final projects and reports are due, all while we try to keep up with the peak of the spring sports season.  Our days are so jam packed that staying in with pizza and a movie on Friday sounds much more appealing than the effort to get dressed up for a girls night out.  The last thing we want to think about is what top will go with these shoes!  It will definitely be a jeans and t-shirt type of weekend...

Even so, looking frumpy isn’t our thing either.  We still want to look cute!  We can pull this off if we have a perfect set of t-shirts with enough variety.   A good selection of t-shirts can pull your outfit together without much effort.  First, to keep from looking sloppy, no matter the neck line or shape, you want your t-shirt to have a nice fit.  You don’t want anything too long or short, nor too boxy or big.  If you like fitted t-shirts, make sure it doesn't pull across your chest or pinch in on the sleeves.   Looser styles of t-shirts should still have some structure. 

You can also have fun with t-shirts by selecting ones that have prints, embellishments or patterns.  And remember, the key to pulling off any t-shirt look is to pair it with the perfect fitting jean!

Men's Summer Denim Essentials

Sebastian McCall

Men might think women have it easier when it comes to building their wardrobes - especially for summer.  Women can choose from dresses, skirts, pants, jeans, shorts rompers, etc., all of which can be dressed up or down, sometimes with a simple shoe change.  Whereas, the base of a man’s wardrobe are shorts, pants and jeans.  While you may think jeans are too hot for the summer, some styles are actually perfect because of their weight, color and fit!  Choosing the right jean styles, fabrics and colors for summer can keep you cool, comfortable and stylish!  

Mens Moto Jean

Sebastian McCall’s Moto jean has a tapered leg with panel detail at the knee.  This light wash jean is a perfect, edgy style for all of your needs!  The fit is close to the body, yet with enough room to feel breathable and light.  As with all Sebastian McCall Jeans, our fabric is made with patented stretch technology that allows for all day comfort.  This jean easily transitions from day to night with the right shirt and shoe.

Mens Tapered Leg in Thunder

This medium wash blue denim is perfect for those late nights out with friends or cool beach house gatherings.  When trousers seem too stuffy for date night, these Sebastian McCalls will give you the perfect tailored look with added comfort.  

Don't sacrifice style or comfort in the summer!  You can now easily get these styles and more at  

Summer Weekend Staples

Sebastian McCall

The heat is on!  We can finally shed our cardigans, breakout the suntan lotion, and show off our pedicured toes in our sandals.  Dare we say "work the beach" yet?  Memorial Day is right around the corner and we’re not shy to admit that we’ve packed our weekender bag already.  What's in it?  Quick getaway staples of course: maxi dresses, swimsuits, flip flops, Sebastian McCall white jeans, shorts and some flirty tops.  

We are not rockin’ our white jeans just because it’s Memorial Day Weekend.  White jeans are just as much a staple as any blue jean.  You can dress them up or down and wear them to just about any occasion.  In fact, the are the the best alternative to black jeans in the spring and summer months when you want to look sleek and stylish.  How often does a simple crisp white shirt elevate an outfit? You can think of white jeans the same way.  There is something so chic, yet classic, about white jeans. So this Memorial Day Weekend, take your outfit up a notch with white jeans!

Do you have a Fashion Uniform?

Sebastian McCall

   Do you have a fashion uniform?  An outfit that you find yourself wearing more than once or twice a week?  Usually because you already know it looks good, and works for where you might need to go or what you need to get done.  Most of us have one!  A tall-tell sign is when you look in your closet and have many similar items in either style or shades. 

    What does that mean about our style?  That we’re boring?  Too busy?  Or minimalists?  For some of us, fashion is important.  It can be an expression of how we feel, give insight into our personality, or just reflect our mood for that particular day.  Yet, fashion should be fun!  Some days we have the time to get creative with our clothes.  We might choose brighter colors, add calculated layers, or coordinate our accessories.  Other days we just need to get things done.  It is not that we do not want to be fashionable - sometimes, practicality may take priority for the day.  Those are the days that we rely on those go-to pieces that just fit it with our lives perfectly without having to give much thought or effort.  

    Everyone should have a wardrobe that meets both needs.  You should have fun clothes for when you feel inspired or playful, and other garments that are more functional and versatile.  There are definitely some staples like a great pair of jeans, a white buttoned shirt, a soft white T, a black blazer or a LBD that everyone should own, because they transition easily to meet all of your wardrobe needs.  

    The great thing about fashion is that it allows us the freedom to be creative.  It can even dictate how we want our day to go.  How many of us dress up a little more on a Friday because we’re excited about the evening and weekend ahead?  Or, how many of us look forward to throwing on our jeans, a t-shirt and Chucks to relax and enjoy our Sunday Fundays?  Whether you're a fashion uniform type of dresser or prefer a more eclectic wardrobe, embrace and celebrate your individuality!