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Pocket Placement: A Resource for All Things Denim, Style, & Confidence Related. Premium Denim. Made in USA. Shop Women. Skinny. Straight Leg, Bootcut. Flare. Distressed. Colors. Black. White. Sebastian McCall Jeans. Perfect Fit. American Made.

Happy 4th!

Sebastian McCall

We are half way through the 2017!  Can you believe it?   Summer has officially begun and school has officially ended.  We are ready to start checking off activities from our summer plans list…starting with Independence Day.  July 4th is coming up, and whether you are headed to a firework festival, a family BBQ, or a neighbor's pool party, we have a few outfit ideas to help you look patriotic.  A pop of one or all the American flag colors is just enough show your pride and celebrate.  

Keep it simple with blue jeans.  Everyone owns blue jeans.  Everyone.  Throw on some jeans with a cute top, wear red lipstick and you are set.  

Want more of a pop of color?  Wear white jeans with a brighter hued blue top and either red lips or nails.  It’s simple yet chic.  

What’s even better is wearing Sebastian McCall Jeans in any color or style-  they are all made in the U.S.A!  You will not only be showing your pride, you will be actively be supporting a company that chooses to make their clothing in America.  There is nothing more patriotic than that!

Keeping Cool

Sebastian McCall

Some of us just can't give up our denim jeans in the summer, no matter how hot it is outside.  We just can’t!  It’s the foundation of our outfits all year long!  Jeans easily pair with everything and can be worn to many different festivities.  So how do we pull together an outfit that is not only cool looking but also cool feeling?

Start with the right denim.  Choosing lighter colors and lighter fabrics can help keep you cool.  The lighter the weight in denim, the more breathable it will be and feel.  Lighter colored denim doesn’t always have to mean white.  There are many shades of lighter colored denim jeans you can choose from that also come in many fits such as flare and bootcut and also in styles such as distressed or paneled.  

Pairing your jeans with lighter, flowy tops will also help keep you cooler.  Halters and tanks work well this way.  Also, don’t rule out longer sleeve blouses.  A delicate, sheer long sleeve top is airy enough to keep you cool and feeling pretty.

Finish your outfit with lighter shoes.  They don’t all have to be sandals but they should be lower on the heel height.  We do love our heels, but higher heels make us work harder to keep our balance and maintain our posture… even for the most professional high heel wearers.  We’re not asking you to give them up - just keep your heel lower when you can for the ultimate in feeling comfortable.  

Remember, you are not limited with denim jeans just because it’s summer and warm outside.  You also don’t have to sacrifice style!  There are so many options to choose from that will keep you feeling cool and looking cool!

We've Got Dads Covered

Sebastian McCall

Father’s Day is just over a week away, and shopping for Dad can be simple, yet hard.  Not because we don’t know what to get him - usually, it’s because he asks for something very specific and we set out to find that very thing!  Even if he has no idea what he wants, we have something in mind for him.  This year, step up his jean game!  We're sure he has several pairs already, but this time, get him one that’s different, versatile and modern.  Our choice: Sebastian McCall Straight Leg Jean in Navy.  Why this one?  Men love this jean for two main reasons.

First, it’s comfortable.  We know our dads love comfort over anything.  Our straight leg jean has structure, but is not stiff.  It’s has a clean cut that stays close to his body and does not bag out as he wears it.  Even when he is dressed in his most casual shirt and shoes, he will look neat and stylish.

Second, the color.  Since the jean is comfortable, men like to wear it all the time.  The navy color will allow him to wear it for just about any occasion.  He can wear it casually with sneakers, or he can dress it up with shoes.  It’s the perfect transition jean because it’s a denim jean, but can also pass for a pant.  Our dads love how simple and practical it is, while feeling super comfortable on.

Even if he already has his gift list, surprise him with these Sebastian McCall Straight Leg Jeans in Navy.  We are sure they will be something he will always love to wear!

T-Shirt Kind of Mood

Sebastian McCall

The  school year is finally winding down...  End of year school trips, final projects and reports are due, all while we try to keep up with the peak of the spring sports season.  Our days are so jam packed that staying in with pizza and a movie on Friday sounds much more appealing than the effort to get dressed up for a girls night out.  The last thing we want to think about is what top will go with these shoes!  It will definitely be a jeans and t-shirt type of weekend...

Even so, looking frumpy isn’t our thing either.  We still want to look cute!  We can pull this off if we have a perfect set of t-shirts with enough variety.   A good selection of t-shirts can pull your outfit together without much effort.  First, to keep from looking sloppy, no matter the neck line or shape, you want your t-shirt to have a nice fit.  You don’t want anything too long or short, nor too boxy or big.  If you like fitted t-shirts, make sure it doesn't pull across your chest or pinch in on the sleeves.   Looser styles of t-shirts should still have some structure. 

You can also have fun with t-shirts by selecting ones that have prints, embellishments or patterns.  And remember, the key to pulling off any t-shirt look is to pair it with the perfect fitting jean!

Men's Summer Denim Essentials

Sebastian McCall

Men might think women have it easier when it comes to building their wardrobes - especially for summer.  Women can choose from dresses, skirts, pants, jeans, shorts rompers, etc., all of which can be dressed up or down, sometimes with a simple shoe change.  Whereas, the base of a man’s wardrobe are shorts, pants and jeans.  While you may think jeans are too hot for the summer, some styles are actually perfect because of their weight, color and fit!  Choosing the right jean styles, fabrics and colors for summer can keep you cool, comfortable and stylish!  

Mens Moto Jean

Sebastian McCall’s Moto jean has a tapered leg with panel detail at the knee.  This light wash jean is a perfect, edgy style for all of your needs!  The fit is close to the body, yet with enough room to feel breathable and light.  As with all Sebastian McCall Jeans, our fabric is made with patented stretch technology that allows for all day comfort.  This jean easily transitions from day to night with the right shirt and shoe.

Mens Tapered Leg in Thunder

This medium wash blue denim is perfect for those late nights out with friends or cool beach house gatherings.  When trousers seem too stuffy for date night, these Sebastian McCalls will give you the perfect tailored look with added comfort.  

Don't sacrifice style or comfort in the summer!  You can now easily get these styles and more at  

Summer Weekend Staples

Sebastian McCall

The heat is on!  We can finally shed our cardigans, breakout the suntan lotion, and show off our pedicured toes in our sandals.  Dare we say "work the beach" yet?  Memorial Day is right around the corner and we’re not shy to admit that we’ve packed our weekender bag already.  What's in it?  Quick getaway staples of course: maxi dresses, swimsuits, flip flops, Sebastian McCall white jeans, shorts and some flirty tops.  

We are not rockin’ our white jeans just because it’s Memorial Day Weekend.  White jeans are just as much a staple as any blue jean.  You can dress them up or down and wear them to just about any occasion.  In fact, the are the the best alternative to black jeans in the spring and summer months when you want to look sleek and stylish.  How often does a simple crisp white shirt elevate an outfit? You can think of white jeans the same way.  There is something so chic, yet classic, about white jeans. So this Memorial Day Weekend, take your outfit up a notch with white jeans!

Do you have a Fashion Uniform?

Sebastian McCall

   Do you have a fashion uniform?  An outfit that you find yourself wearing more than once or twice a week?  Usually because you already know it looks good, and works for where you might need to go or what you need to get done.  Most of us have one!  A tall-tell sign is when you look in your closet and have many similar items in either style or shades. 

    What does that mean about our style?  That we’re boring?  Too busy?  Or minimalists?  For some of us, fashion is important.  It can be an expression of how we feel, give insight into our personality, or just reflect our mood for that particular day.  Yet, fashion should be fun!  Some days we have the time to get creative with our clothes.  We might choose brighter colors, add calculated layers, or coordinate our accessories.  Other days we just need to get things done.  It is not that we do not want to be fashionable - sometimes, practicality may take priority for the day.  Those are the days that we rely on those go-to pieces that just fit it with our lives perfectly without having to give much thought or effort.  

    Everyone should have a wardrobe that meets both needs.  You should have fun clothes for when you feel inspired or playful, and other garments that are more functional and versatile.  There are definitely some staples like a great pair of jeans, a white buttoned shirt, a soft white T, a black blazer or a LBD that everyone should own, because they transition easily to meet all of your wardrobe needs.  

    The great thing about fashion is that it allows us the freedom to be creative.  It can even dictate how we want our day to go.  How many of us dress up a little more on a Friday because we’re excited about the evening and weekend ahead?  Or, how many of us look forward to throwing on our jeans, a t-shirt and Chucks to relax and enjoy our Sunday Fundays?  Whether you're a fashion uniform type of dresser or prefer a more eclectic wardrobe, embrace and celebrate your individuality!

What to Get Mom?

Sebastian McCall

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and if you’re like us, you go into panic mode of what am I going to get her??  All of a sudden, you feel like you can’t remember what she likes, what her favorite things to have or do are, or what she could possibly want!  We could probably chalk up this brain block to the simple idea of wanting to get our moms the best gift possible - one she’ll love, need and use.  

We’ve seen here at Sebastian McCall Jeans that things we like, our mom kind of likes too.  It’s not uncommon for moms and daughters that shop with us to choose a similar pair of jeans - either in color or style.  We like to look nice and trendy and stylish.  Why wouldn't we expect our moms to want the same?  Sure, I might pair my straight jeans with a higher heel or low back shirt while my mom opts for a more conservative blouse or top.  But I bet for our casual weekend brunch we both have on our jeans with a white t-shirt, a cardigan and some cute flats.  So while our styles are different, they are not that far apart.  

I’m sure that when we were younger, many of us dreaded the idea of becoming our moms, especially in relation to fashion.  Yet, as we get older, our connections to our moms get stronger, our interests become more similar and we start to want to do certain things like how our moms did.  So, as you start thinking about what to get your mom for Mother’s Day, don’t stray too far from what you would like for yourself!  

Happy Mother’s Day to our Moms and all amazing Moms!!


Fashion and Social Media

Sebastian McCall

Where do you get your fashion inspiration?  What do you read, what pictures do you look at or images do you tend to look for to get some inspiration on what to wear, what’s new in fashion and how to wear certain styles?  Several years ago, magazines and catalogs may have been the top answers.  Now, social media is probably number one.  

Social media has surely changed and continues to change the fashion industry.  From a consumer perspective, we can learn a lot more about a brand then just what they sell.  Social media allows us to see their personality, the lifestyle they represent and their vision for fashion.  What used to be portrayed by a brand with one or two photos in a magazine or catalog has now become more fluid on social media with daily images and video content.  The use of social media also allows consumers to directly interact with and provide feedback to a brand.  Brands are forced to evolve and adapt to the current social and fashion culture at a much quicker rate.   This means, brands are listening to what we say and paying attention to what we are interested in.  

From a brand perspective, social media allows brands to connect with their audience on a more widespread and personal level.  Brands are able to spread their message and directly reach their customers without a middle man.  This has drastically changed the way brands are marketing themselves and reaching shoppers.  Brands can engage with consumers and get immediate feedback and sometimes unfiltered reaction to their fashion imaging and messaging.  Brands learn more quickly what trends are actually picking up and how consumers are interpreting those trends.  While this can force the industry to move at a faster pace, it is also allowing brands to grow with and align their products with the current cultural and fashion climate.   

There is no doubt that social media has impacted the way consumers view fashion and brands.  The most impactful social media outcome is the conversation space that has been created between brands and consumers. Fashion is and should be fun!  Use social media to celebrate and share it with others!

A Perfect Fit

Sebastian McCall

The quest for the perfect fitting jean can seem daunting for many.  The thought of trying on and taking off several pairs of jeans at any given time is exhausting just thinking about it!  There are so many different styles and fits to try, and that doesn’t even include the various colors, fades, washes, or even fabrics that jeans can come in.  

So, why bother?  Well, because you’re going to need them and use them.  Probably more so than any other item in your wardrobe.  They are the most versatile items in your closet that don’t require much special care or attention.  Do you need more than one pair?  Of course!  The are so many variations of jeans - it's actually fun to have options to choose from!  And let’s face it, even if our jeans look similar in either color or style, it’s no different than having more than one black pant or more than one pair of black shoes.  There’s a difference in them all, and we can see it if most can’t.  So, how do we approach the process?  With an open mind!  Don't get hung up on a size, or what you’ve heard should fit you well.  At Sebastian McCall Jeans, we believe a perfect fitting jean should have three major components:

Your jean should close in at your waist. No gapping allowed! And don't think anything is wrong with your figure if you see a gap. If a jean fits your legs but gaps in the waist, it’s an issue with the jean, not you!  With Sebastian McCall Jeans, you'll never have that problem, because they all close in perfectly at the waist!

Pocket placement is everything.  Sebastian McCall Jean pockets always perfectly fall right in the center of your seat.  Your pockets should be close to your leg but not down on your thigh.  Too high or low of a pocket can change to the look of your derriere, many times unfavorably.  So, make sure they fall exactly where they should.  

Your jeans should feel comfortable.  Even skinny or fitted jeans.  Fitted jeans shouldn't pinch or constrict.  Sebastian McCall Jeans fit close to the body and stay that way all day.  They don’t sag or bag out.  You don’t want a jean that looks one way in the morning and morphs into something different by day's end.  Sebastian McCall Jeans will fit perfectly all day, every day!

Why bother looking when the perfect fitting jeans are right here!  Grab a pair of Sebastian McCall Jeans - they are always a perfect fit from the first pair on!  Visit our website or come try us at our partnering retail location, Charlie’s Jeans.

Lighten Up

Sebastian McCall

Color is filling the views outside our window nowadays!  Flowers are blooming, trees are coming back to life, and people are bustling in the neighborhoods.  The bright sun and warm air are finally making it feel like spring!  We are so ready to put away our winter coats and boots.  Most of us probably haven’t completely transitioned our winter wardrobes into spring or summer yet, but we are definitely pulling out some of our favorite lighter pieces - one of which is our lighter colored denim.

Sure, there isn’t a rule as to when we can or should wear lighter colored denim, but we don’t always gravitate towards it when it’s colder and darker outside.  Now is the time to pull them out and start wearing them!  Above are some of our favorites styles.  Light denim can come in various shades and washes, from super light to about medium light.  And don’t worry, darker denim is still in our wardrobe mix.  It’s just nice to lighten it up as the weather and season changes.  It’s a perfect option to wear as we spend more time outside watching little league games, brunching at sidewalk cafes, and attending spring festivals!

Jean Rises

Sebastian McCall

Remember when super low-rise jeans were in?  You know, the jeans so low on the hip, that if you sat down, you would surely give the person sitting behind you an unpleasant view.  Thank goodness we are beyond that fashion trend!  So, what are jean rises?

When we talk about the rise of jeans, what we are actually talking about is the rise of the fabric from the crotch seam to where your waistband sits.  In other words, does the jean waist band sit below your belly, at your belly or above it, or closer to your belly button?  Some of us prefer one fit over another.  Why? Some of us have a longer torso and prefer higher rise jeans, or some of just like the style and look of a higher rise jean.  And while you may find “rules” on what type of rise you should wear according to your body type, we don’t believe that you should always be limited to those restrictions.  In all cases, your jeans should always button with ease, not gap in the waist, and maintain that closeness throughout the day.

Most jean styles today fall between a mid-rise and high-rise length.  Even jeans that are considered low-rise are not nearly as low as before.  What’s your favorite rise?


The Accessory Game

Sebastian McCall

Some might think that women might have it a little easier when it comes to accessorizing their wardrobes compared to men.  We might assume that women typically have more options on what we can use to accessorize our outfits, and the variety of colors that each of those accessories come in.  What you’ll find is that there is actually an abundance of accessory options for men.  Below are just a few of those accessories that men can interchange both in color and style that can upgrade their wardrobes.


Belts are one of the more obvious men’s accessories.  Besides the typical brown or black leather belt, there are fabric belts, woven belts, and statement buckle belts - all of which come in a variety of colors and styles.  This accessory can add a simple detail to a man’s outfit or stand as a statement piece.  


It's easy to underestimate just how many different types of hats that there are for men.  Besides your usual sports caps, some of the more popular styles include the Fedora hat, Panama hat, Newsboy hat, Cowboy hat and Flat cap, just to name a few.  All of which come in diverse colors, patterns and fabrics.


This is probably the foremost accessory that speaks to a man’s personal style the most.  Just like for women, this accessory has a large price range. You’ll find three main watch categories - dress watches, sports watches and casual watches.  Within these categories, however, is where the possibilities are endless.  There are countless combinations of band options, watch faces and color choices. 

As we mentioned, these are just a few men’s accessories that are out there.  There are many others such as a wallets, money clips, socks, scarves, jewelry, sunglasses, etc. that also come in distinct styles and a spectrum of colors.  It’s pretty safe to say that the accessory game is pretty close for women and men!

We are Blushing

Sebastian McCall

It’s officially Spring and we are in full Spring mode!  The sun is brighter and around longer.  The temperature is slowly, and I mean snail pace slow, rising.  Spring break vacations are booked.  The stores are fully stocked with new spring trends.  Speaking of which…Greenery may be the pantone color of the year, but it’s not the only trending color for spring.  

The color Blush, described as a rosy, muted pink, is also big this season.  We love this soft, feminine shade that looks great on pretty much everyone.  As you can see, there are many ways you can add this color to your wardrobe.  Blush can soften an edgy look or give a dainty touch to your outfit.  It has neutral undertones, so it will go with just about anything in your closet.  Even better, it easily transitions from spring to summer and fall.  This is one trend that is worth the investment!

The Green Lining

Sebastian McCall

We’ve been smacked back into reality with our recent snowstorm.  We’ve had such luck with relatively mild weather in January and February - we knew mother nature was not going to let us off that easily!  And whereas previous snow came and melted away pretty quickly, this one doesn’t seem like it is leaving quickly.  But there’s a green lining, literally and figuratively.  

Pantone revealed that the 2017 color of the year is Greenery.  It is described as a yellow shade of green - the color you see when foliage just starts to sprout and flourish.  Greenery is a vibrant and playful color.  While some find green hard to pull off, this particular hue is perfect to add as a pop of color to your ensemble.  Accessories such as statement jewelry, scarves or handbags are one way to fashionably incorporate it.  You’ll also easily find this shade in many floral print tops or dresses.  

The colors chosen by Pantone are supposed to reflect our current cultural climate.  This year's color is supposed to evoke a sense of hope and new beginnings… sort of the same reasons we look forward to spring.  We get outside of our homes, reconnect with nature, and start to feel rejuvenated and refreshed.  Greenery gives us a bright outlook.  You can't help but be awakened just by simply looking at it.  


If You had to Choose...

Sebastian McCall

You know those, if you could only take one item to a deserted island forever, what would it be scenarios? They have them for specific categories like beauty, music, books and more.  Well, we’ve recently been doing some early spring cleaning, and making room for our new spring and summer styles.  In our clean out, we thought, if we could only pick one of our Sebastian McCall Jeans to have forever, which one would it be?

This idea got us thinking about why we gravitate towards certain styles or fits of jeans.  Most of us have more than one, maybe two… okay, more than three pair of jeans!  But who’s counting?!  See, the role that jeans have played in our wardrobes has significantly shifted since jeans first came into the clothing scene.  Jeans used to only be a gritty, workman’s uniform.  Now, our jeans serve many purposes.  We have jeans to wear to dinner that could be different than our jeans to go to the market, or what we might wear to work.  There are more styles, fits and colors of jeans than there have ever been before.  They never go out of style, and they last for a long time.  That can’t be said about many other items we purchase! 

But, if you had to, meaning, we were forced to pick that one Sebastian McCall Jean that’s tried and true, has your back and won’t let you down when you need it…could you?  We’ve tried and tested many styles and fits. So we have our picks.  But if you could only choose one to take with you on that fantasy island, which would you choose?  Let us know!

One Year Later!

Sebastian McCall

It will be one year on Saturday since we’ve launched our Pocket Placement Blog!  We can hardly believe a year has passed!  When we launched, our goal was to provide a conversation space as it related to denim, fashion and lifestyle.

In looking through our posts since we began, we identified our most popular topics.  Some of your favorite posts revolved how our jean fits and how to wear them.  But our top post for the year was our “We are Beautiful” post.  We believe this post resonated because we are all trying to find our fit in life.  At Sebastian McCall Jeans, talking about how fit is most important when it comes to fashion, and especially with jeans.  But finding a perfect fit in all aspects of our lives is something we aspire for as well.  

As a brand, we continue to strive to provide you with quality denim that fits perfectly on all body types.  Our focus this past year was to try and educate you on who we are, what we believe in, and what we hope for you.  This year, we plan to expand on other elements of our lives that drive our passions, keep us healthy, and most importantly, make us happy.  We encourage you to share with us your favorite life principles and practices.  We hope that we can all teach, learn from, and inspire each other!

Thank you for a great year, and we look forward to a new, amazing one!

Has Spring Began to Sprung?

Sebastian McCall

It’s early… way too early to think of spring.  However, our weather luck is hard to ignore!  If this sounds familiar, it’s because it happened last month too!  Are we in for an early spring?  According to Punxsutawney Phil, no.  He predicted a longer winter.  But we’re not convinced of that with near 70 degree weather in February.  So, what do we make of this weather?

The warmer weather isn’t here to stay for long... just yet.  But you can start preparing!  You know how you prepare for your vacation by being mindful of what you eat so you can look nice in your clothes?  Or how you start pulling together outfits you want to take and wear?  Start now!  Look for transition pieces as you shop.  How can the item you get now easily transition into spring and maybe even summer?  Look for lighter colors in the clothes that you would normally be wearing this season.  Or look for lighter fabrics that are warm enough for now but light enough for later.  These are all things we can do now so when the warmer weather does come and stay, we look great and we have clothes to look great in!

The Art of Fashion

Sebastian McCall

When we think of fashion week, we usually think of extravagant head pieces, dramatic make-up, and clothing that is so avant-garde it can sometimes seem unwearable.  Not all collections are the same - and in fact, most are beautiful, unique and inspiring.  However, many of us aren't going to necessarily sport a feathered, big bird yellow coat to our jobs.  We could, but we don’t.  So why do designers spend so much time and money to showcase these elaborate fashions on the runway?

It’s art.  That’s why.  Fashion week is meant to showcase a designer's artistic expression of fashion.  It’s meant to get us excited about fashion beyond the limits of what we eventually see in stores.  There may be a theme or color or aesthetic that will ultimately be translated into more wearable fashions.

On the runway, designers are not bound by rules or pre-conceptions.  They are using clothing as a form of art, just as any painter would use color in their painting, or a musician would use any instrument to make music.  It’s a way to keep fashion moving forward, open our minds, and push the limits of creativity.  


Roses are Red...

Sebastian McCall

Do you love or dread Valentine’s Day?  Maybe a little bit of both?  Buy why?   When did Valentine’s Day go from a day to express your love to a stressful holiday measured by how many roses we get or how big our chocolate box is?  We just survived the mania that Christmas brings!  Let’s manage our expectations on what this holiday should mean and how it should go.  

Valentine’s Day should be a light-hearted and sweet holiday.  It’s a day to remind someone that you love them - whether that person is your significant other, your best friend, your parents, your siblings or even your children!  Anything more than that is a sweet extra, but not a measure of your love for them or their love for you.  Some of us like to exchange gifts, or give flowers or chocolate, and that’s okay!  These are things you can also treat yourself to and it shouldn’t seem silly to do this.  Remember, it’s about celebrating all types of love - including love for others, and especially love for yourself.  

Regardless of how you choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day, or who you choose to spend it with, there's no reason to not make it a special day!