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Workplace Denim

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Workplace Denim

Sebastian McCall

It used to be a fashion faux pas to wear denim jeans to work.  In fact, it was forbidden by most companies.  Then "Casual Fridays" were implemented and helped to open up a new possibility for denim in the workplace!  Now, most office environments allow denim jeans to be worn on Fridays.  Some informal or more creative work environments actually have a less restrictive dress code.  For most of us, though, there are wardrobe boundaries that we do need to stay within.  There are appropriate styles of denim jeans that can be worn to the office - styles that won’t offend others or look like you’re going to happy hour, and not to work.   

So which styles work best?  Let’s first remember that you are still technically in a professional work environment and should maintain a look that is reflective of where you work.  Whether or not you meet with clients or customers, you are still a representative of that organization so you should look polished.  In many cases, you’ll want to avoid wearing jeans with rips, patchwork details, or super bright colors. Yikes!  This is practically a list of our current jean wardrobe!  I know.  But your safest bet is more of a trouser looking jean.  Sebastian McCall Jeans in the Flare or Slim Bootcut work perfectly.  These jeans have a tailored fit throughout, giving a clean look for the office, and the bottoms have a slight flare that fall neatly when worn with heels.   A silky blouse or a blazer will add a refined touch to the jean look.  Sebastian McCall Straight leg jeans are another option that will work.  You still get a tailored fit with a more tapered leg towards the ankle.  Stick to darker colors to dress up your look even more!

If you’re one of the lucky few that doesn’t have a formal workplace dress code and can wear jeans whenever you want…ugh…not fair!  For the rest of us, we’ll take advantage of all the casual wardrobe days we can get!