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Keep it Light

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Keep it Light

Sebastian McCall

Don’t put your light denim away just yet!  You can still wear them through fall and winter!  Remember those fashion “rules” that we are supposed to follow? Well, this is another one we like to break.  While most of us go darker and deeper with our fall fashion color schemes, sometimes a lighter color will not only brighten up your look, but also soften heavy fall fabrics and maybe even lighten your mood!  Most of your lighter colored denim can easily transition into your fall and winter wardrobe with the right color top or perfect fall shoe.

Is all light denim the same?  Not necessarily.  Some lighter colored denim jeans are also lighter in fabric.  For some of us, that matters.  For others, it doesn’t.  Let’s not forget that darker colored denim also come in lighter weight fabrics as well.  It’s all about your preference and choice.  So, pull out those light jeans from the back of the closet and embrace a newer, lighter outlook on your current fall wardrobe!