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Gifts for Her

Sebastian McCall

Check Her Off Your List!

One of the most difficult people to buy presents for is usually your significant other, right?  You want to get them something they’ll like, need, and use.  Easier said than done!  Shopping for a woman can seem overwhelming because while there are so many options out there, it can be hard to narrow them down.  To help you complete your holiday shopping list, we've selected two of our Sebastian McCall Jeans that we know would make a perfect gift that she’ll love!  These jeans are versatile, fit amazingly, and would work with so many other items in her existing wardrobe.  

Meredith Fit in Onyx Coated

We love this coated jean for many reasons.  It’s sexy, it’s novel, it fits like a glove, and it’s different than what most women might already have in their wardrobes.  This is the perfect time to snatch up these jeans because they are perfect for holiday parties or nights out with your family and friends!

Rosaura Fit in Solar

This jean might seem like an average jean but it is so far from it!  It’s that one jean that you can count on for multiple purposes.  First, it’s a comfy, body hugging jean in a color that goes with everything.  The medium dark color allows you to dress it up but is also suitable to pull off a casual look.  The width of the taper at the ankle works so that it can be tucked into boots yet open enough to fit over the top of your heels.

We know your shopping list is long.  Let us help you check some of them off! 

Stay tuned next week for great gift ideas for him!