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Monochromatic with Black

Sebastian McCall

A monochramatic look is having the same color scheme for your entire outfit.  You can definitely mix shades, but they all should be in the same hue.  Black is the perfect and most frequently worn color in a monochromatic look.  Why?  It’s easy, most of us have an abundance of black in our closets, it’s slimming, and it’s simple yet makes a statement at the same time.  Naysayers might say it looks drab and boring, but we believe the opposite.  When someone is fashionably in all black, we sense something more sexy, mysterious, and rebellious.  

 Here are three tips to make it work.

Mix and Match Different Fabrics.  A black leather jacket with black jeans and a black t-shirt is an iconic look that you can easily achieve.  There’s nothing more confident and edgy than a look like this.  

Keep the Fit Close to the Body.  You’ll want to make your look sleek and not sloppy.  So if you wear a blazer, make sure it’s a tailored blazer.  If you shirt is looser, your jeans should look more slim.  

Add in a Bold or Colorful Accessory.  We get it - the point is to be monochromatic in color.  But a nice statement watch, or a colorful piece of jewelry or shoe could take the look up to another level.  It’s also something that can add life to the look if it feels too dark for you.

Black is a timeless color.  You can never go wrong trying to pull off a monochromatic look with all black.  Set the tone of your outfit with a classic Sebastian McCall black jean, and the possibilities are endless.