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Let's Get This Straight...

Sebastian McCall

As we welcome the warmth of spring, we also look forward to shedding our winter wardrobe and breaking out something fresh for the new season.  We rummage through our closets looking for something to wear that feels liberating, comfortable, and classic at the same time.  And where we always seem to end up is with our favorite straight leg jeans, because they give us that exact comfort, ease and style that we love this time of year! 

Rosaura in Nirvana, $198.

Rosaura in Nirvana, $198.

So why do we love straight legs?


The straight leg is, and has always been, our most popular fit when it comes to jeans.  It has a timeless look and provides the ultimate in versatility when it comes to style.  We love that one length works for every shoe we pair them with - heel, flat, wedge, sneaker, boot, etc... 

Sebastian McCall straight legs have a tailored fit that hugs the body in a clean, classic way, and our fabrics offer patented stretch technology, which allows the jean to stay close to the body without losing its shape over time.  Unlike the skinny jean, the ankle width on the straight leg jean is slightly wider, allowing the jean to fit over our heels, but still narrow enough to tuck into boots. 

Women love how slimming and flattering the straight leg feels, and how many looks they can achieve with this one perfect fit!

There is not a shoe, shirt, jacket or sweater that won’t look great with a pair of straight legs.  You can never own enough of them, and because they don’t go out of style, you can invest guilt free in trendy fabrics, washes and colors! So let's get this straight... what's not to love?

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