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The Struggle is REAL... Or Is It?

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The Struggle is REAL... Or Is It?

Sebastian McCall

They gap in the waist.  They're too loose.  They’re too tight.  They’re too long. They’re too short.  They don’t have stretch.  They have too much stretch.  They stretch out.  The waist is too high.  The waist is too low...  The list goes on.

The struggle is REAL when it comes to shopping for jeans.

So why do we put ourselves through the pain of looking and trying?  Because we need them!!!!  Jeans are a wardrobe staple and are one of the most diverse items of clothing you will own.  Think about it - there's a jean for most of your life activities.   You need a casual brunch look, a dinner in the city look, a night out with the girls look, a Saturday running errands with sneakers look, even a casual Friday workday look. The struggle is definitely real.

But it doesn’t have to be.  You can find your perfect fit in jeans!    

We love jeans, because we always want to feel put together, but comfortable at the same time.  They are one of the few items that you can literally throw on, run out of the house in, and look like you've made an effort in your outfit, even when you know you did not.  Why? Because jeans go with everything.  No matter how you feel a certain day, or if your outfit is the last thing you want to think about, wearing jeans is that constant that you need to get you through your day.  Sometimes, the jeans we choose to wear today represent the mood we’re in and our approach to the day.

There is one jean, though, that will meet all of your needs and fit you perfectly.  We think you know where we’re going with this…  Sebastian McCall Jeans are those jeans you need and want!   They were designed to fit better than any other jeans you've tried in the past.  They're known for holding their shape extremely well--never bagging out or getting saggy in the seat--and for always closing in perfectly in the waist.  But where do you start?  Through our blog, we will guide you through our jean styles and fits and offer outfit looks that you can achieve with each jean.  We don’t believe that there is only one jean style for one body type. 

Sure, there are certain styles we prefer on ourselves more than others, but no body type is limited to a specific fit.

We want to help you achieve whichever look you have in mind--whether you have a pair of heels you want to wear, whether you need jeans for a newly purchased shirt, or if you just want to venture out of your comfort zone and try a new style or look.  We're here for you, and we intend to make that process as effortless as possible.

Tell us what your favorite jean fits are, or tell us what jean fits you want to try! Let us guide you, and we can guarantee that they will fit you perfectly.