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Premium Jeans, Made in USA. Pocket Placement is Everything. 

We Are Beautiful

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Pocket Placement: A Resource for All Things Denim, Style, & Confidence Related. Premium Denim. Made in USA. Shop Women. Skinny. Straight Leg, Bootcut. Flare. Distressed. Colors. Black. White. Sebastian McCall Jeans. Perfect Fit. American Made.

We Are Beautiful

Sebastian McCall

We are who we choose to be. 

We are not defined by the labels or categories that society has placed on us.

We are decision makers.

As women, we strive to find fits that flatter our bodies - whether we're curvy, flat, tall, or short - often times, trying to hide our imperfections.  Media and society have categorized us into what they think we should look like and what we should wear.  When a woman comes to us and says, “I read that I should only wear bootcut jeans because I'm curvy, and the opening at the bottom evens me out”, we know it’s our responsibility to show her otherwise.      

At Sebastian McCall Jeans, we so strongly believe that all women are beautiful and deserve to have confidence.  We refuse to hide your curves with boyfriend jeans or loose bootcuts. Don't get us wrong, we love a good bootcut, but the reason behind wearing this style should be your shoes, not your body. What matters most is how a pair of jeans hugs your body, how they feel, and how you feel wearing them.

So go on, girl... rock those skinnies. Tuck them into your boots or show off some fancy stilettos and own it, because you're beautiful and you deserve to feel good about yourself. We only hope our fit can help ignite some of that fire within you, and let your confidence shine strong -  because no matter who you choose to be, you are truly beautiful. 

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