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Try Something New…..

Sebastian McCall

We can get stuck in a rut very easily.  With life, with food, with our partners, and particularly with our wardrobe.  Sometimes we don’t even realize when it happens! And it doesn’t help when it’s technically spring, yet the skies are still grey and the air still has a chill...  Until one day when you wake up, the warm sun is shining on your face, you look at yourself in the mirror a little differently, and you're looking for something new and diverse to wear, but you don’t have it - that one piece of color or stylish edge you’re looking for to match your new, vibrant mood.  

Don’t wait.  Get it now!  Be ready for when that break comes.  Trust us, it’s worth it, and you’ll be happy you did.  It's time to go novelty, and try something new!  

Don’t shy away from novelty pieces like distressed jeans because you think you’ll only wear them once.  Whether they’re light, dark or black, you can easily wear them casually, cuffed up with sneakers or flats, or with your highest of pumps or sandals for a dressier, edgier look.  

If color is what you need, try red or even a waxed-coated black jean as the statement piece for your outfit.  The fit and color will speak for itself.  Too dramatic?  Our taupe and slate grey will give you just enough color to feel different, yet are so easily wearable.

slim bootcut.jpg

Are bell bottom jeans just a little too 70's for your taste,? Try our slim bootcut instead!  They offer just enough of that classic flare without being overly dramatic.  


So, if you find yourself in a fashion funk, get out now and try something new that you haven’t before. 

You’ll probably love it and surprise yourself!