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233 Market St.
Philadelphia, PA 19106


Premium Jeans, Made in USA. Pocket Placement is Everything. 

Red, Light & Blue

Pocket Placement: Blog

Pocket Placement: A Resource for All Things Denim, Style, & Confidence Related. Premium Denim. Made in USA. Shop Women. Skinny. Straight Leg, Bootcut. Flare. Distressed. Colors. Black. White. Sebastian McCall Jeans. Perfect Fit. American Made.

Red, Light & Blue

Sebastian McCall

The Heat is On!!!

We asked for warmth and we are getting it!  This weekend kicks off what some would consider the start of summer.  Our favorite parts are spending time outside, eating lighter foods, and having refreshing drinks... all the while enjoying great company.  Whether you’re under the warm city lights or near the ocean breeze, we have your red, light and dark blue needs!

Choose from our lightweight fabrics or our lighter colors to help keep you stylishly cool during the day.  Change your vibe at night with our bolder, darker colors.  Whichever look you choose, Sebastian McCall Jeans are the perfect fit for your perfect weekend!