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Denim Wear and Care

Sebastian McCall

Denim is one of the most durable fabrics in the market.  It takes a lot of wear and tear to really break down the fabric to where it is no longer usable or wearable.  And let’s be clear, we are talking about quality denim.  The problem is, we want to wear our jeans all of the time!  So naturally, that wear and tear may happen sooner than we’d prefer.  Maintaining your jeans is not rocket science.  It’s not even science.  With regard to the “wash vs. don’t wash” your jeans debate, it truly is a matter of preference.  The idea behind not washing jeans frequently, or dare we say, ever, is that the “worn” denim look may disappear.  You know, the fades where your jeans crease or the fades on your back pocket where you’ve kept your wallet or phone - not washing your jeans can build a unique character to your jeans.  

That being said, the reason we wash our jeans is for hygiene.  The oils and skin cells on our body transfer to our jeans.  A good length of time of not washing jeans will inevitably leave a worn smell.  We’ve heard many unusual ways to keep denim fresh without washing such as freezing them to kill bacteria (maybe caring for jeans is a science...) or spot cleaning if they get dirty.  The reality is, your lifestyle should dictate how you care for your jeans.  Is it necessary to wash your jeans after every wear? No.  You’d be saving yourself and the eco-system some of its own wear and tear.  If you wear your jeans to do lawn work or move into a new apartment, washing them may be called for.  Washing your jeans every once in a while will not damage the fabric or rinse the dyes to the point of un-wearability.  

Here’s What you Should Know:

Should You Wash Jeans?

Yes!  Here at Sebastian McCall Jeans, we recommend washing jeans as often as you want. Washing jeans can help bring the jean back to its original shape, especially stretch jeans.  

When should you wash?  

We recommend washing after every five wears and/or if your jeans get wet from rain or sweat.   If your jeans stay wet, you run the risk of dry rot or mildew forming on your jeans. (EW!) 

How Should You Wash Them?

Always turn your jeans inside out before washing!  Always wash in cold water!  Always take them out of the washer immediately!  Always hang dry your jeans!

If you are still worried about the damage the machine can do to your jeans, wash them on a delicate cycle or simply hand wash. 

Where do you stand on the “wash vs. don’t wash” scale?