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Premium Jeans, Made in USA. Pocket Placement is Everything. 

Pocket Placement is Everything

Pocket Placement: Blog

Pocket Placement: A Resource for All Things Denim, Style, & Confidence Related. Premium Denim. Made in USA. Shop Women. Skinny. Straight Leg, Bootcut. Flare. Distressed. Colors. Black. White. Sebastian McCall Jeans. Perfect Fit. American Made.

Pocket Placement is Everything

Sebastian McCall

If you’ve purchased our jeans before or have seen any of our social media accounts (follow us: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook), then you’ve heard us mention how pocket placement is key when it comes to the perfect fit.  It's so essential that we’ve named our blog after it!  Where the pockets lay can make all the difference in how a jean fits and how that jean is complementing your shape.  Let’s be honest, the first thing we do when we try on a jean is turn around to see our rear in the mirror.... we know that how it looks on our derriere will determine whether we even consider buying the jean at all!

At Sebastian McCall Jeans, we know that pocket placement is everything!  We don’t just say it, we mean it.  Every Sebastian McCall Jean will have the perfect pocket placement on your body - be it our skinny, straight leg, or flare styles... our dark, light, or distressed washes...  You name it and the pocket placement will always be where it should be.  So, what should you be looking for when it comes to pocket placement?  The pockets on Sebastian McCall Jeans will always hit perfectly -  right in the center of your seat, close to your leg, but not down on your thigh. 

Here on this blog, we’ve talked about how fit is our most important priority.  Pocket placement is one of those elements that makes our jeans fit perfectly.  If you’re not wearing Sebastian McCall Jeans, turn around in a mirror and see if the pockets of your jeans are where they need to be.  If you’re still not sure, try a Sebastian McCall Jean and you’ll see and feel the difference!