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Premium Jeans, Made in USA. Pocket Placement is Everything. 

Can't Get Enough

Pocket Placement: Blog

Pocket Placement: A Resource for All Things Denim, Style, & Confidence Related. Premium Denim. Made in USA. Shop Women. Skinny. Straight Leg, Bootcut. Flare. Distressed. Colors. Black. White. Sebastian McCall Jeans. Perfect Fit. American Made.

Can't Get Enough

Sebastian McCall

When we love something, we want more of it!  We can easily come up with perfect logical reasons to have multiples of the same item, and jeans are no exception.  In fact, when Sebastian McCall Jean customers find their perfect fitting jeans, they come back over and over again for the same item.  But did you know that many of our denim colors come in more than one style of jean?  And many of our styles of jeans come in multiple colors.  So if you love a certain color or jean style, there is more than likely a variation of it that you’ll love equally!  These are some of our favorites.  What are yours?