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3 Tips for Jean Shopping

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3 Tips for Jean Shopping

Sebastian McCall

The summer is winding down to an end.  And though we don’t want to rush it, we can’t help but look ahead at what’s in store for the Fall!  But before you head out there to build your wardrobe for the new season, we want to offer you some advice when shopping for new jeans.  Jean shopping, for some, can feel like a dreadful event.  But it shouldn't be.  If you keep the following three things in mind, you’ll have a great jean shopping experience!  

  • Get your correct size!  We know what you’re thinking, if it were that easy, why do some people hate jean shopping?!   Here’s the thing you need to remember - Not all stretch denim is created equally. Our fabrics are designed with premium, patented technology which promises the ultimate in stretch recovery throughout wear. A good stretch denim should start off feeling snug, and will then open up about a half size within the first 20 minutes. At no point should you feel uncomfortable. We definitely stress that a little uncomfortable is way too tight. With our unique denim, you'll love how you have the ultimate in movement and flexibility, while your jeans stay close to your body all day long.
  • Buy trendy items for the right reasons!  Fashion trends move fast.  So you want to buy ones that you really love and that work for you.  Not every trend is for everybody.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve a look close to it.  One example, is the bell bottom jean trend.  It looks beautiful in the magazines but sometimes can look different when you actually try it on.  If bell bottoms are way too wide on the bottom for your taste, try a flare or slim bootcut jean fit.  These jean styles give you a less, exaggerated width at the bottom.  Wear them with heels and a flowy blouse and you’ll capture the essence of a bell bottom jean look.
  • Invest in wardrobe staples!  Wardrobe staples are those pieces in our closets that transcend time and trends.  They are items that can be worn year after year and sometimes transition easily from one season to the next.  Think of the classic, crisp white shirt.  Think of blue jeans.  Think of black pants.  They just don’t go out of style.  A classic blue skinny jean, or dark blue straight leg jean, will stand the test of time in fashion.  It is worthwhile investing in these staples because they will last you several seasons and even years!