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In The Moment

Sebastian McCall

This time of year we always get into a fashion impasse.  It’s still summer and warm, and you are still planning last minute vacations and days at the beach.  But then you walk into a store or click on a website, and are bombarded with fall and back to school styles.  We’ll admit - we are doing it too.  It’s not that we don’t love summer or that we want fall to come faster.  It’s just that we get overexcited about what is new to come in colors, styles and trends for fall!  

Don’t worry, we’ll get there.  And soon enough.  But for now, we want you to live in the moment! We want you to enjoy the warm weather, enjoy wearing white jeans (which were recently restocked), enjoy rolling up your distressed jeans to wear sandals, and treasure sitting outside for lunch or taking summer night strolls in your neighborhood while you can.  Because time flies and before you know it, fall will be here.  There are so many exciting, new fashions to come this fall.  You will (and are) seeing some of them now.  Don't forget to take note of what’s to come and how it will fit into the new season's wardrobe!

However we don’t want you to lose the fun, flirty and light feeling of summer just yet!  It is not too late to invest in summer trends or wear summer colors.  Believe it or not, most styles transition easily into fall fashions...  So you can stock up on some items now and know that you are setting your wardrobe up for an awesome fall fashion season!