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The Bright Side of Fall

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The Bright Side of Fall

Sebastian McCall

This week's weather hasn't exactly been pleasurable.  It's been rainy, windy, cold and cloudy...  But you shouldn't let these dreary days dampen your fall spirit!  When we feel uninspired by the weather because the days feel long and gloomy, we try to look at the bright side, and remember the things that we were most looking forward to doing in the fall!  


...Cozying up in a blanket with a hot cup of pumpkin coffee and a good book.  Wearing our favorite rain boots and splashing through puddles.  Throwing on our big, floppy hats to keep our heads warm while also covering up our ehhh hair days.  Flannel shirts.  Putting on a pair of jeans with the perfect amount of edge to boost our moods and get us through the days.  

Come to think of it, maybe this weather does put us in the fall spirit...  These are certainly things inspired by the weather that we were looking forward to doing anyway.  When the sun does finally shine again, it will simply be the fluffy whipped cream on that perfect cup of hot cocoa!