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Beat The Winter Blues

Sebastian McCall

We’ve lived through the holidays, enjoyed our new gifts, and have started one or two of our New Year's resolutions.  But sometimes, the excitement that a new year with new beginnings brings starts to fade when the weather reminds us that we are still in mid winter, and we have a long ways to go before spring gets here.  The days aren’t as sunny, it’s freezing out (except for the random oddly warm day like yesterday!) and we barely feel like getting out from under the covers, let alone put effort into an outfit.  Do we sound like we’re complaining?  We are!  It’s called the winter blues.  

We can’t let it get the better of us, though!  We know that when we feel good in what we’re wearing, our mood improves, and we feel more confident to embrace what the day will bring us.  So, here are some fashion tips that you can pair with your Sebastian McCall Jeans to re-energize your outfits and your attitudes!  

Brighten Up

We know that a bold color can brighten up your mood and stimulate your mind.  So add a bright yellow scarf or statement piece of jewelry with a rich green to remind you of sunny days and the beautiful greenery that spring will eventually bring.  

Sneak in a Little Spring

Mix in some of your spring floral blouses or pastel colored tops under your cardigans to soften your dark, winter outfits.  It will make you feel light under the heavy winter gear.  

Dress Up and Get Out

We know this sounds counterintuitive when it’s cold out, but the fresh air will awaken you!  Break out your heeled boots, layer up, and go to happy hour or have a date night.  A good time with great people will warm your soul.