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Workplace Denim for Men

Sebastian McCall

Denim jeans are a casual outfit staple.  But jeans nowadays come in so many various fabrics, washes and styles, that they can easily transition into other wardrobe categories that we normally would have filled with something else.  Denim in the workplace is one of these categories.  We recently covered how women can incorporate denim into their workplace wardrobes.  Men can also easily do the same!  

The first thing to determine is whether or not denim is allowed in the workplace.  Once you know this, the rules are pretty similar for both men and women.  Your workplace presentation is important, so catering how you wear denim to work should reflect your office environment.  Causal Fridays at work are meant to be more casual than what you would normally wear in the week, but not nearly close to what you would casually wear on a Saturday.  

Start with darker denim.  It doesn’t only have to be black.  Dark blue jeans or dark grey jeans can work great as an alternative to trousers.  Darker colors look neater and more refined.  Stick with fitted jeans that have clean lines, with little or no distressing.  Your goal is to look polished.  Finally, pair your jeans with similar attire that you would normally wear with pants, like dress shirts, blazers, belts and dress shoes.  These will help keep you looking groomed and professional, while still in the comfort of your denim jeans!