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The Green Lining

Sebastian McCall

We’ve been smacked back into reality with our recent snowstorm.  We’ve had such luck with relatively mild weather in January and February - we knew mother nature was not going to let us off that easily!  And whereas previous snow came and melted away pretty quickly, this one doesn’t seem like it is leaving quickly.  But there’s a green lining, literally and figuratively.  

Pantone revealed that the 2017 color of the year is Greenery.  It is described as a yellow shade of green - the color you see when foliage just starts to sprout and flourish.  Greenery is a vibrant and playful color.  While some find green hard to pull off, this particular hue is perfect to add as a pop of color to your ensemble.  Accessories such as statement jewelry, scarves or handbags are one way to fashionably incorporate it.  You’ll also easily find this shade in many floral print tops or dresses.  

The colors chosen by Pantone are supposed to reflect our current cultural climate.  This year's color is supposed to evoke a sense of hope and new beginnings… sort of the same reasons we look forward to spring.  We get outside of our homes, reconnect with nature, and start to feel rejuvenated and refreshed.  Greenery gives us a bright outlook.  You can't help but be awakened just by simply looking at it.