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If You had to Choose...

Sebastian McCall

You know those, if you could only take one item to a deserted island forever, what would it be scenarios? They have them for specific categories like beauty, music, books and more.  Well, we’ve recently been doing some early spring cleaning, and making room for our new spring and summer styles.  In our clean out, we thought, if we could only pick one of our Sebastian McCall Jeans to have forever, which one would it be?

This idea got us thinking about why we gravitate towards certain styles or fits of jeans.  Most of us have more than one, maybe two… okay, more than three pair of jeans!  But who’s counting?!  See, the role that jeans have played in our wardrobes has significantly shifted since jeans first came into the clothing scene.  Jeans used to only be a gritty, workman’s uniform.  Now, our jeans serve many purposes.  We have jeans to wear to dinner that could be different than our jeans to go to the market, or what we might wear to work.  There are more styles, fits and colors of jeans than there have ever been before.  They never go out of style, and they last for a long time.  That can’t be said about many other items we purchase! 

But, if you had to, meaning, we were forced to pick that one Sebastian McCall Jean that’s tried and true, has your back and won’t let you down when you need it…could you?  We’ve tried and tested many styles and fits. So we have our picks.  But if you could only choose one to take with you on that fantasy island, which would you choose?  Let us know!